The broken fence

The broken fence

Through the hills, Through the forests, Crossing shadows, Kissing old stones, I run. I am no longer here.

I already hear those voices from a distant past in my head, The call of my soul, The whisper of the wild wind, A new dawn is coming! I touch the sky above my head, Ghosts celebrating my arrival: The fence is broken! And the path leads me to infinity.

I left my skin behind, Just my bones sing the story of who I was. I move in circles and circles, My dance leads me to ecstasy, Until I become one with the dark ground under my feet. I'm fertile, I am fire, I am chaos, I burn in fever, I call all the devils to this dance. I destroy all the maps from the past and the future. I am what I am. And within my own dream I give birth to myself, My wings break up my skin. They grow and expand while I breathe. I have no limits.

Through the land of my ancestors Ancient rites Ancient spells I remember more and more Shadows, shapes, demons All dancing the great wheel: The fence is open, I do not have to be afraid I am what I am, A safe and sacred path. I am the mystery within the mystery.

Mizé Jacinto

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